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RIP, OLDIES 103.3 in Boston! AMP IT UP!

Tonight, I got a WTF moment while I was watching the 6 o’clock evening news on Channel 4 in Boston (WBZ-TV).  They announced that WODS FM, Oldies 103.3 is going to change their format to Top 40 radio and re-name themselves 103 AMP Radio!

Oldies 103.3 started back in October 1987.  They should be celebrating 25 years of being at the same format for that long period of time.  Now, they want to sound like KISS 108, JAMN 94, and MAGIC 106 with music by Maroon 5 and Katy Perry.  I don’t have a problem listening to contemporary artists, but I like listening to oldies and classic rock music as well although the Boston radio stations don’t play every oldie/classic rock song.  I can’t remember the last time I heard the song Radar Love by Golden Earring on the radio.  Boston radio industry is already in shambles with the lost of WFNX-FM, an alternative rock station that had been around since 1983.

I wonder what is going to happen to The Lost 45s show hosted by fellow Emersonian Barry Scott, Beatle Brunch, Elvis Only, Joe Cortese’s Firday night 80s show, and the Saturday Night 70s show.  Are they still going to have free summer concerts next year?



  1. It truly is a sad day for the Boston area. Not sure what lame brain thought that we should eliminate the only oldies station in Boston and add another radio station that plays the same music that many other stations provide, music that those from 40 years old to 90 years old don’t listen to-the listeners who have the money to buy the advertisers’ products. A poor, poor business decision.

    • Andy, I agree with you. It is a sad day, and a lame brain came up with this idea. What happened to variety and having different tastes in music?

    • Ditto. I just came from vacations overseas and was so surprised when I couldn’t find my oldies in the radio. They take away all my favorite radio stations. The same thing happened to me last year when they took Mike away. Come on! Not only babies listen to radio.

    • I miss that there’s no more Oldies 103 anymore, either…but.. They might as well be gone, because their format had become stagnant crap. I mean, there’s only so many times a day you can hear the same song “Brandy” played over and over, like maybe 74 times. Their oldies selection had become really stilted. But I do miss the demise of Christmas music (although they were playing the same bad artists’ only same holiday songs all the time, actually). 😦

  2. This is killing me

  3. cant believe they did this! enough of the top 40 crap! what about us who love the oldies? im so upset its so wrong, i hope the fall flat on there faces for this. 😦 sarah

    • Taking away the only oldies station…my daughter has enough stations to choose from. I don’t mind the top 40, but I need a break every once in a while

  4. What lame brain came up w/ this idea? They certainly didn’t do any research into what “older” listeners like to hear! I’ll be looking for another favorite station.

    • They don’t care what we like to hear. When you turn 50 you’re dead to the advertising industry.

  5. The teeny boppers are taking over. Just because that crap Top 40, Gangsta Rap crap is “the most popular music at this time” doesn’t mean you have to change every radio station in the city to that format. Boston already has Kiss & Jam’n playing the exact same garbage. Mix 104.1 plays very similar stuff and Magic 106.7 is no longer the soft rock stations they were 10 years ago; playing harder Top 40 stuff. This move is ridiculous and I hope it fails miserably where CBS will be forced to change it back to Classic Hits in another year. Next I wouldn’t be surprised if they change WZLX to some garbage format because their corporate consultants advised them to do so.

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    • Hi Elli:

      I don’t mind at all. Thanks for reading my blog.

  7. i dont want to sound like an Occupier but… this is purely and simply coorperate greed . there was a time when it was illegal for a company to own so much of the local media market. a handful of goons control the print and electronic media .they determine who gets the recording contracts which determines what we hear. you then get a generation knowing nothing but talentless, profane, crotch grabbers who get all the play, then thats all the station owners will pander to. the internet is the last chance for true diversity. wror 105.7 better not go next.

  8. I’ll immediately grab your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me recognise so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

    • Hi Pat:
      The e-mail subscription link is on the right side of the blog just below the recent comments section. Hope that helps and welcome aboard!

  9. I’m really pissed! And I’m not even an oldie really. I’m an old soul and I love all music and my car radio was auto tuned to this station for years. I thought something was wrong with my fricken radio only to find this out! Wtf! So stupid..there goes my Beatles and the 70’s. What’s this world coming to?

  10. Thank goodness I have my ipod loaded with all of my favorite tunes, mostly oldies, and some other tunes that never get played on the radio anyway. Let all the hip-hop lovers listen to their sampled, computer generated, auto-tuned garbage on the radio with all the never ending advertisements. I’ll continue to listen to music created by actual “musicians” commercial free via my ipod and USB cable. Technology can set you free, you just need to use it to your advantage. I agree with Linby that it is unfortunate that the current generation will never know that there was real music before the “talentless, profane, crotch grabbers” were pushed to the forefront of radio. A very sad day, RIP Oldies 103.3, death to hip-hop.

  11. I am equally shocked about Oldies 103.3 going off the air. There was no warning about this. They did the same thing with Star 93.7. Where’s my Karen Blake now? I’ll miss hearing her on the way to work early in the morning. There is no good music these days. That’s why I try to go to concerts to see great performers like the Stylistics, Earth Wind And FIre, Commodores to name a few. This is really a sad time for the lovers of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music. Whoever’s decision this was, it was a really stupid and careless one ! I’m listening to WROR now.

  12. There is a station in Providence Rhode Island 101.5. They have been an oldies station for a long time. Their format is a lot like oldies 103 except they have live deejays all the time! Give it a try. At least it’s something until something else comes along

    • There is also still 104.9-FM, out of Gloucester I believe. They actually seem purposely to play not just a lot of “oldies,” but the ones you almost forgot actually existed and are glad they have them on hand to play them! Good stuff, they’re not as commercial-sounding (still).

  13. My TV has an oldies station and my car has a DVD player, so no more radio! A very foolish management decision.

  14. i too have found 101.5 in RI its good and is closer to 103.3 then ror 105.7 i tried ror and didnt like it its same rock songs over and over, i love classic rock but zlx owns the market on that 100.7. so yes i agree 101.5 is the closest ive found to our 103.3 . Sarah

  15. I live in central mass & was also shocked to hear about the loss of Oldies 103. I have been listening to it since the station switched to their oldies format back in the fall of 1987. My reaction was “..where did this suddenly come from??” and “why??”. it was always great listening to the dj’s from both yesterday and today…Austin of Boston, Paula Street, Sandy Benson, J.J. Wright, Karen Blake, etc. They were a very talented group that had a way of reaching out to their listeners and just making them feel good by providing them with on-air commentary and banter at times while providing us with our favorite songs to listen to. I truely feel that it is a shame that the parent corporation that owns WODS made such a rash decision. This was also done in NYC at WCBS-FM 101.1 back in 2005 when management decided to “pull-the-plug” on the station’s oldies format (after almost 30 years on the air) and go to the Top 40/Dance mix forma that so many other station provide. The station then became “Jack 101”. The reaction in NYC was similar to here in the Boston area. Finally management realized they had made a huge mistake. Two years later the station once again changed their format, back to the oldies and once again became WCBS-FM. Hopefully management here in Boston will realize that this was a poor decision and take steps to rectify it. Bring back our favorite oldies at Oldies 103.3!!! Finally, there are some good oldies stations in the area to listen to: 101.5 WWBB in Providence, RI, 98.9 WORC in Worcester, 102.9 WDRC in Hartford and a “golden oldie” 1250 AM WARE in Ware, MA.

  16. WODS began as WEEI-FM in 1948. It ran CBS’s “The Young Sound” format beginning in 1965 after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations forced it to cease to be a 24-hour relay of the AM side (WEEI 590). “The Young Sound” was an easy listening format focusing on instrumental versions of recent pop tunes. By 1969, “The Young Sound” had evolved to a Top 40/AOR hybrid format, voice tracked on WEEI-FM by Dick Provost. In late 1972, WEEI-FM flipped to an adult contemporary format. The station evolved into its famous “Soft Rock” format in 1977, which remained in place until 1982 when it flipped to a Top 40 format. By 1981, all of the other owned-and-operated CBS FM radio stations employed the Hot Hits format except for WCBS-FM . Unlike their sister stations, though, WEEI-FM played hits from the past several years all along. The other Hot Hits stations evolved to what WEEI-FM was doing in 1983. By then, the Los Angeles station had dropped the format and reverted back to adult rock.

    • I’m very well aware that WODS-FM was originally WEEI-FM. Then, it became a Top 40 station called WHTT in the mid-1980s. I interned at WHTT in early 1986, just before it became WMRQ, a soft rock station. Then in October 1987, WMRQ became WODS for the next 25 years.

      Thanks for the early history of WODS.

  17. I’m really going to miss the seven week long Christmas music marathon in November/December. No more Dominic the Donkey every night at 5PM for my ride home.

    • I’m going to miss Dominic the Donkey too. I was in a terrible car accident in December 2004 and that song cheered me up while I was recovering from my injuries.

  18. I am a kid and I do like the new songs. but 103.3 was the station I grew up on. I was very sad too see it go. I never knew until my mom said she heard “Rolling in the Deep” on 103.3. Then I tuned to 103.3 and realized it had fallen into the pit of hip-hop.

  19. Old people need to chill out, it will not fall flat on its face, it’s one of my new favorite stations, and it is going far. Listen to some of our music you might actually like it or get your cassettes/records out and stop hating.

    • Speakthetruth, thank you for your comments, but no one is hating here. They are hurting over the sudden death of a radio station that has been a part of their lives for nearly 25 years. WODS has a huge listening audience that are very angry and upset over this loss. It’s best to let them grieve.

      I am open to pro and con statements about what I post on my blog.

      • hi, were not all “old people” some people just like diffrent music ,you can be young and like oldies style music too,plus, jazz and rock, and so one,i myself miss the station because i like a variety of music choices, boston already has a lot of top 40 stations ,so were just saying leave a variety choice on air for everyone.


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  22. We still have an oldies station at 104.9 FM which broadcast from Beverly, MA. They play a great variety of songs from the 60’s up to the 80’s. Give them a listen, you may like it :o)

  23. Bring back the oldies format. What about us over 50 who love that music. Isn’t there enough stations playing the same songs?It’s sad to see that apparently greed is a factor. Anything for money. Bring back the oldies!

  24. I will be looking for a new oldies station. Thankful that I have xm/sirus. Not the same but good. Listened to 103 since the old wror am days.

  25. i do like katy perry because she has a great voice too and her body is awesome ”

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    • I like Katy’s music, but I am a great lover of oldies music. My favorite oldie is Paul McCartney of the Beatles. His body is very awesome.

  26. I just read this and I am not a woman of foul language, but I did notice a change every time I put it on and I thought for some reason I had the wrong station for I moved from Boston to Fall River and thought maybe because I lived out here the station was coming in on a different one. But as I stated before with the language, “THIS S__Ks, or maybe I should say THIS BITES THE BIG ONE…

  27. What a bummer! WODS-103.3 fm was my all time favorite radio station. It played many wonderful songs from the 1960’s, 1970’s and the 1980’s, and I miss that station. They even used to sponsor many of the free rock-n-roll concerts on Boston’s Charles River Esplanade/Hatchshell, which I attended quite afew of, and had older groups playing. I miss all of that. It’s a good thing I’ve got a number of my favorite songs on CD, but it stinks that this station’s gone forever.



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