Once again, a young disturbed white man entered a gathering of people and gunned them down. This time, it happened in a Black church in Charleston, South Carolina. The killer has been arrested and said that he wanted to kill Black people.

Why do these sick young men want to kill anybody (children, moviegoers, black people, etc.)? They didn’t do anything bad to these sick young men, or maybe, the sick young men thought they did? How come no one is watching them turn into killers? Something must be done. Will better gun control laws help? Why is it so easy for them to get their hands on guns?

Not everyone should own a gun because guns are a danger to society when the wrong people have them.

Another question is: Why do these men get so mentally unhinged that they feel compelled to kill a large group of people? Where are their families and friends? How do they become loners all of the sudden? What caused them to be this way? Bullying? Child abuse (Sexual, Physical, Psychological, Verbal)?

How are we going to stop these mass killings? Are we all human targets for the next disturbed young man out there?

Posted by: yechristian | June 8, 2015

Good Luck with Retirement, WBZ’s Anthony Silva!

Back May 28, WBZ’s afternoon co-host Anthony Silva signed off for the final time. He had been at WBZ radio for nearly 36 years.

I once met Anthony at a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast that featured Mayor Thomas Menino as a guest speaker. We briefly chatted and told him that I had enjoyed his work on WBZ TV when he was doing the money reports for WBZ-TV’s 5 O’Clock news at that time. I even said to him that I had some radio experience because I had worked at Emerson College’s two radio stations, WERS-FM and WECB-AM. Anothny then informed me that he was also an alumni of Emerson College.

When I asked what class year he was part of, he told me, “It was way before your time, Dear.”

Good Luck with Retirement, Anthony!

Sadly, floods and tornadoes have been hitting parts of Oklahoma and Texas lately. I have seen the damages to both states via the TV news. Horrifying scenes.

At least 5 have been killed and 12 are missing in total from the severe weather that has hit the two states over the weekend. An AP report says that the flood waters peaked at 40 feet over the weekend.

Are we finally blizzard free at last?

I heard the news reports on the television and radio in the last few days saying that Boston is going to get hot weather this week. That means it’s time to use the air conditioners once again.

I guess I can put away the sweaters and blankets I have at home.

No more snow!!!!

Posted by: yechristian | April 28, 2015

Baltimore: A Battleground

While I was waiting to fly back to Boston from BWI Airport in Baltimore yesterday evening (April 27), I saw on the CNN news monitor at the gate the riot that was happening in the city of Baltimore. This was a sad result after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a young black man who was badly injured and later died while in police custody a couple of weeks back.

Obviously, tensions in Baltimore that had been building up for years erupted into a war on the streets between rioters and police men. Cars were vandalized and set on fire. Even a CVS store was set on fire after it was looted. A baseball game had to be postponed. Everyone who was waiting for the Boston plane was looking at the CNN news report.

The people in charge that includes a black female mayor didn’t know how to handle the situation at all as it quickly escalated out of control. The Maryland National Guard had to come into the city during the night. The mayor ordered a curfew for the rest of the week.

This is going to be a sad time for Baltimore.

Posted by: yechristian | April 6, 2015

Sad News for Me: My Daddy Has Passed Away

Sad news to report: My daddy has passed away. I had been visiting him this past weekend in the Washington DC area for Easter. He had been in a nursing home since December. He has had health problems in recent years. My Mommie past away last year, January 2014. Now, Daddy has died this morning. He was 90 years old.

Not certain how often this month I will be blogging, but you regular readers know that I blog here at an irregular basis as it is.

Rest in peace, Reginald Sydney Christian!

Posted by: yechristian | March 30, 2015

Candy Leaves Magic!

Good luck to long time radio personality, Candy O’Terry!

She has signed off from WMJX-FM (106.7 FM) in Boston last week. She declined signing a new 2 year contract with the station. It’s because she wants to move on to other projects: Writing a children’s book with her daughter and also making a CD. She was recently co-hosting the “Morning Magic” show with David O’Leary and the public affairs show “Exceptional Women” on Sunday mornings.

Hoping for great success for Candy O!

Magic 106.7’s Candy O Leaves The station After 25 years!

WMJX Boston Host Candy O’Terry Exits

Candy O’Terry All Done with Magic

Posted by: yechristian | March 23, 2015

Spring in Boston is Here, but It’s Freezing Cold!


It snowed as soon as spring started last Friday night in Boston. By the next morning, there was a lot of snow on the ground. At least, it melted away later. On Sunday, we had wind gusts that were almost 50 miles per hour in Boston. On top of that it was freezing.

I had to go to Texas back on March 12 for my aunt’s funeral. It was like summertime down there. No big surprise there. Houston, Texas, is usually running very warm around this time of year. While I was in Texas, Boston finally broke it’s snow total record: 108.6 inches on March 15. When I got back last Monday night, it wasn’t so cold.

However, the next day it was very cold and windy. I got sick once again by Wednesday. I was sick at the beginning of this month. This cold winter weather has got to go!

Wish I could hire a hitman to kill Mother Nature.

Posted by: yechristian | February 27, 2015

Llamas On The Run in AZ!

Two llamas (a mother and her daughter) went on the lam yesterday in Arizona. They were chased relentlessly until they were finally caught. Their escape failed.

Better luck next time, Ladies!

Posted by: yechristian | February 23, 2015

No Snow Tonight, But It’s Going to Get Very Cold!

So far, I heard that the weather is going to go down into the negative numbers tonight in Boston. February has been a lousy month so far in Boston. The only good thing that happened this month was that the Patriots won the Super Bowl earlier this month (and I’m not even a football fan. I just like that status quo).

At least the MBTA is working again, although it was slow this morning. Snail’s pace in fact. What do I expect from a very old transit system? The whole world now knows that the MBTA is not as good as it should be when heavy snow hits Boston. The shuttle buses kept getting stuck in traffic because there were tons of cars out there. Nobody wants to stay indoors.

Thursday night I ended up getting home late after 9 pm. I missed the first few minutes of Scandal. At least, Olivia was freed and got to go home.

Stay warm tonight if you’re in the Boston Area!

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