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Snow, Deep Freeze, and More Snow

Winter has been running amok in the Boston and New England part of the country.  Last Thursday, we were hit by a blizzard and had about 16 inches of snow.  Then, a deep freeze happened on the next day.  Tbis morning (Saturday), we had more snow hitting us.  This was about 1 to 3 inches, but it looked a lot more when I dug my car out of the snow.

Now, I’ve heard that there will be snow on Sunday going into Monday.  It might be another 16 inches in Boston.  Then, there’s a report that says that another snowstorm is coming for next Thursday.

Welcome to winter!


Posted by: yechristian | January 28, 2017

ACLU Defeats Trump’s Muslim Ban

Three cheers to the ACLU!

The following statement is from News and Guts:

The ACLU Nationwide reports that they have blocked “Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban.” This comes after an emergency hearing in NYC federal court.
They go on to say:
“The judge ruled today that no refugees should be put back on planes and sent back to danger.”
“No refugees are going to be immediately deported.”
And the ACLU executive director said: “When President Trump enacts laws or executive orders that are unconstitutional or illegal, the courts are there to defend everyone’s rights.”
Here is their full statement:
NEW YORK — A federal judge tonight granted the American Civil Liberties Union’s request for a nationwide temporary injunction that will block the deportation of all people stranded in U.S. airports under President Trump’s new Muslim ban. The ACLU and other legal organizations filed a lawsuit on behalf of individuals subject to President Trump’s Muslim ban. The lead plaintiffs have been detained by the U.S. government and threatened with deportation even though they have valid visas to enter the United States. 
Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project who argued the case, said: 
“This ruling preserves the status quo and ensures that people who have been granted permission to be in this country are not illegally removed off U.S. soil.”
ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero, had this reaction to the ruling:
“Clearly the judge understood the possibility for irreparable harm to hundreds of immigrants and lawful visitors to this country. Our courts today worked as they should as bulwarks against government abuse or unconstitutional policies and orders. On week one, Donald Trump suffered his first loss in court.”

In other words, fuck off, Trump!

After one week as president, Donald Trump faces his first loss!

Posted by: yechristian | January 20, 2017

I Am Going To The Woman’s March in Boston This Weekend!

I am going to participate in the Woman’s March in Boston on Saturday because I am a woman first and foremost.  Of course, I am autistic and Black as well.  I want to help everyone with the situation that we have now with a horrible man who is now the new president of the United States of America.  I had watched the whole presidential election race from start to finish and saw a man be incredibly rude beyond belief.  Amazingly, he won the election, and many of us who don’t fit into his warped definition of Americans are deeply worried about their future in America.  I am worried too about what will happen to me and others.

That’s why I’m going to the march at Boston Common.  I don’t want to stand on the sidelines and wait and see what will happen.  I made signs at a workshop earlier this week with a couple of friends.

I have learned that a co-worker and more friends are coming to the march.  This is the historic happening this weekend.

Expect at least 90,000 people to show up at Boston Common for the Women’s March this Saturday.

Posted by: yechristian | January 8, 2017

Snow and Ice Weekend In Boston

The last 2 days had been tough.  On Saturday, it snowed all day.  Heavily!  It looked like a blizzard to me as I looked out my window here in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood in Boston.  My new car (a Baby Blue 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible) was covered partialy because of the brisky winds.  I didn’t go outside on Saturday because it was freezing cold.  20 degrees and lower as the day went on.

On Sunday, the snowstorm stopped, but it was still freezing cold.  It was late afternoon just before sunset when it was a warm 20 degrees out that I went outdoors and removed some of the heavy snow that partially buried my car.  It took 45 minutes.  Afterwards, I went to the store to do some food shopping.

It’s only the beginning of winter for the next few months in Boston.

Posted by: yechristian | December 31, 2016

2016 Is Almost Over!

I haven’t had much of a chance this month to post at this blog because I got sick  at the end of November and then went on a birthday vacation to Key West, Florida, in mid-December.  I had a good time there, despite the cold I still had.  Actually, I still have a cough.  This week, I had a horrible headache.

Getting back to 2016.  It wasn’t a good year because America did not get their first woman president.  Instead, we got our first immature president.  Lucky us!

So many celebrity deaths this year.  It almost felt as though I’ve been writing mostly celebrity obituaries than celebrity birthdays over at my other blog, Outside In (

It was very sad about what happened in the last few days of 2016 losing George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds.  In fact, it was very depressing.  I cried a lot this week.

One positive thing that happened to me was that I got a new car in October.  It’s a 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible.  It has a bright baby blue color.  Very cute.  I’m enjoying it very much.

Here’s hoping more positive things to happen in 2017.

Happy New Year!

Posted by: yechristian | November 30, 2016

The Really Odd Couple at Dinner


Donald Trump and Mitt Romney having dinner.  Truely odd!

Posted by: yechristian | November 22, 2016

Moving On from The Election Results

To put it mildly: I didn’t like the fact that Hillary is not the next Presient of the United States.  While I feel sad about that, I noticed that the one who won against her acts like a sore loser.  He got mad last weekend at both the Hamilton cast and Alec Baldwin.  I guess Donald doesn’t know much about free speech and parody.  The funny thing is that Donald guest hosted Saturday Night Live last year, and he acts as though that didn’t happen.  Just before the weekend started, he paid $25 million to settle the Trump University lawsuit.

When will Donald’s whining end?  Maybe, when he gets sworn in as the 45th president, but I shouldn’t hold my breath about that.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s popular vote count is nearing the 2 million mark.  I don’t get this electoral college stuff at all.  The system is broken.  Where do we go from here with all this?  I keep reading news stories about hate crimes, killings (both civilian and police), bullying, and white supremists.

Posted by: yechristian | November 7, 2016

The End is Near! (The Election for President!)

We’re in the final stretch of the election for President of the United States.  The night before Election Day.  I voted early on October 21 in Massachusetts.  This was the first time this state decided to have people vote early.  I went to City Hall in Boston on the evening of October 21 and voted.  The best part was that there was no long line.  Other voting places had long lines, but I seemed to luck out at going at a time when it wasn’t so crowded.

Who did I pick?  Hillary, of course, because I’m with her!

Go out and vote tomorrow if you didn’t have the chance where you are to vote early.

Posted by: yechristian | October 19, 2016

Hillary v Donald Debate – Round 3

What can I say about the 3rd presidential debate?  Donald was his usual borish self once again.  Hillary looked presidential and confident again.  Donald was very argumentative as usual.  Hillary stood her ground again.  There was the usual disagreements between the two. Not surprised about that.

Did I see and hear anything new here while watching the 3rd debate?  Absolutely nothing that moved me at all.  I’m watching the news people on CBS talk about the debate right now.  That’s what they’re paid to do.

I’m still rooting for Hillary anyway.  I’m with her.

Massachusetts is having early voting this year starting next week.  I plan on voting early so that I can be done with this and move on.

Posted by: yechristian | October 9, 2016

Hillary v Donald: Round 2

Wow!!!  What a fight!  But this was supposed to be a debate.  Donald looked very desperate towards Hillary who was real confident and never looked weak.  Donald had trouble with answering questions that were asked directly to him.  He seemed to be reciting back what he had rehearsed.  Too rambling!

Hillary was more polished again.  She was focused on the questions and the people regarding their concerns.  While Donald seemed to be in a bullying mode, she was interested in the people for the people.  At least, she stayed on her goals.

Donald left the debate quickly afterwards.  Like he was too beat up.

Hillary looked like a winner while Donald showed little improvement.

Btw, that vulgar talk on tape was bad for him even though it did happen 11 years ago.  It got a lot of people upset and talking.  Every time he opens his mouth or something dug up about his past gets people crazy.  Not a good prospect for president.

It’s less than one month now until the election.  Then, we’ll be free at last from this crazy election season.

Just saw Charlie Rose on TV saying that this debate was more like wrestling match.

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