Posted by: yechristian | November 12, 2015

Starbucks Christmas Cup Controversy: Totally Stupid!

Seriously, Folks who are upset with Starbucks over their new Christmas cup, are you all totally stupid? Who cares about how they choose to decorate their cups during the Christmas holiday season? The world is not going to end! It’s not an attack against religion. Why would anyone think Starbucks was being offensive towards religion?

There worse things out there that need more attention than Starbucks. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, and tons of other serious things are out there to focus on.

Grow up, People who are upset at Starbucks!

Posted by: yechristian | October 1, 2015

President Barack Obama Frustrated By Another Mass Shooting

I feel frustrated too. So many shootings have happened over the many years since Columbine that it’s too incredible to believe, but it’s true. We are killing each other with guns.

It seems almost every other week there’s a report about a shooting. The only reason I’ve haven’t written about all of them is that it’s depressing and frustrating to comment every time they happen.

When is it all going to stop? Will it be better gun control laws? Or better mental health care?

We still don’t know what possessed the 20 year old shooter to go on this rampage at a community college in Oregon. So far, we know the shooter demanded his victims to tell him what their religion is.

Once we get all the facts, we need to find a solution to this problem.

Posted by: yechristian | August 24, 2015

WZLX’s John Laurenti Now a PD at 2 NH Radio Stations

John Laurenti, a veteran DJ at Boston’s WZLX FM, is now working as a Program Director at two New Hampshire radio stations. He officially started last Monday, August 17. The 2 radio stations are iHeart radio stations: WGIR/Manchester and WHEB/Portsmouth.

John Laurenti Named PD at WGIR and WHEB

This is the second time Laurenti has left WZLX. Back in 2005, he left WZLX for WBOS FM in Boston to do the afternoon shift for a couple of years until WBOS has another format change firing most of their air staff including Laurenti. For several weeks in 2012, he was doing the morning show with Karen Blake at WODS-FM in Boston (Oldies 103) just before it changed it’s format to AMP 103 and fired all its air staff. That’s radio biz!

Good luck in NH, John!

Posted by: yechristian | August 4, 2015

More Shootings & A Lion Named Cecil Has Been Murdered

I wonder if the United States has become the home for killers. There were two mass shootings in July: One at a recruitment office in Tennessee that killed five people and another at a movie theater in Louisiana that killed two people. Then, I hear on the news that an American dentist paid more than $50K to two poachers to lure and kill Cecil the lion who was on a wildlife preserve in Africa.

Poor Cecil was shot by an arrow, suffered for 40 hours before being shot by a gun, and then was skinned and beheaded. Very cruel thing to do! Trophy hunting is an obsolete sport in the 21st Century.

Video games are a better substitute for shooting actual people and animals, and no one gets killed. How about that?

Posted by: yechristian | August 4, 2015

July was a Busy Month For Me

I haven’t had much of a chance to post things until now on this blog. I’ve been busy with my cousin Chloe visiting me up here in Boston last month. We saw U2 at the Boston Garden. Chloe got the chance to be onstage with the band and dance with Bono, the lead singer. After Chloe flew back to Houston, I drove up to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, for some R & R.

Still, even though I spent a few days up in Maine. I did write a little bit, but not much. After all, it is summertime in New England. I did have to say something about that flag being put away in South Carolina. That’s why it’s posted just below this post.

Posted by: yechristian | August 4, 2015

Confederate Flag Has Gone Down

Last month, the Confederate flag was removed from Columbia’s state building grounds on July 10. That date was the birthday of late actor Nick Adams who played an ex-Confederate soldier who regretted fighting on the wrong side on the old TV show “The Rebel.”

Was that a coincidence?

The show only last two years from 1959 to 1961. Nick Adams passed away in February 1968 of an accidental drug overdose. MeTV has shown reruns of this show in the last few years on Saturday mornings. That’s how I became aware of this show. I wasn’t born yet when it originally aired on TV.

Once again, a young disturbed white man entered a gathering of people and gunned them down. This time, it happened in a Black church in Charleston, South Carolina. The killer has been arrested and said that he wanted to kill Black people.

Why do these sick young men want to kill anybody (children, moviegoers, black people, etc.)? They didn’t do anything bad to these sick young men, or maybe, the sick young men thought they did? How come no one is watching them turn into killers? Something must be done. Will better gun control laws help? Why is it so easy for them to get their hands on guns?

Not everyone should own a gun because guns are a danger to society when the wrong people have them.

Another question is: Why do these men get so mentally unhinged that they feel compelled to kill a large group of people? Where are their families and friends? How do they become loners all of the sudden? What caused them to be this way? Bullying? Child abuse (Sexual, Physical, Psychological, Verbal)?

How are we going to stop these mass killings? Are we all human targets for the next disturbed young man out there?

Posted by: yechristian | June 8, 2015

Good Luck with Retirement, WBZ’s Anthony Silva!

Back May 28, WBZ’s afternoon co-host Anthony Silva signed off for the final time. He had been at WBZ radio for nearly 36 years.

I once met Anthony at a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast that featured Mayor Thomas Menino as a guest speaker. We briefly chatted and told him that I had enjoyed his work on WBZ TV when he was doing the money reports for WBZ-TV’s 5 O’Clock news at that time. I even said to him that I had some radio experience because I had worked at Emerson College’s two radio stations, WERS-FM and WECB-AM. Anothny then informed me that he was also an alumni of Emerson College.

When I asked what class year he was part of, he told me, “It was way before your time, Dear.”

Good Luck with Retirement, Anthony!

Sadly, floods and tornadoes have been hitting parts of Oklahoma and Texas lately. I have seen the damages to both states via the TV news. Horrifying scenes.

At least 5 have been killed and 12 are missing in total from the severe weather that has hit the two states over the weekend. An AP report says that the flood waters peaked at 40 feet over the weekend.

Are we finally blizzard free at last?

I heard the news reports on the television and radio in the last few days saying that Boston is going to get hot weather this week. That means it’s time to use the air conditioners once again.

I guess I can put away the sweaters and blankets I have at home.

No more snow!!!!

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