Posted by: yechristian | October 19, 2016

Hillary v Donald Debate – Round 3

What can I say about the 3rd presidential debate?  Donald was his usual borish self once again.  Hillary looked presidential and confident again.  Donald was very argumentative as usual.  Hillary stood her ground again.  There was the usual disagreements between the two. Not surprised about that.

Did I see and hear anything new here while watching the 3rd debate?  Absolutely nothing that moved me at all.  I’m watching the news people on CBS talk about the debate right now.  That’s what they’re paid to do.

I’m still rooting for Hillary anyway.  I’m with her.

Massachusetts is having early voting this year starting next week.  I plan on voting early so that I can be done with this and move on.

Posted by: yechristian | October 9, 2016

Hillary v Donald: Round 2

Wow!!!  What a fight!  But this was supposed to be a debate.  Donald looked very desperate towards Hillary who was real confident and never looked weak.  Donald had trouble with answering questions that were asked directly to him.  He seemed to be reciting back what he had rehearsed.  Too rambling!

Hillary was more polished again.  She was focused on the questions and the people regarding their concerns.  While Donald seemed to be in a bullying mode, she was interested in the people for the people.  At least, she stayed on her goals.

Donald left the debate quickly afterwards.  Like he was too beat up.

Hillary looked like a winner while Donald showed little improvement.

Btw, that vulgar talk on tape was bad for him even though it did happen 11 years ago.  It got a lot of people upset and talking.  Every time he opens his mouth or something dug up about his past gets people crazy.  Not a good prospect for president.

It’s less than one month now until the election.  Then, we’ll be free at last from this crazy election season.

Just saw Charlie Rose on TV saying that this debate was more like wrestling match.

Posted by: yechristian | September 26, 2016

Hillary V Donald: The 1st Presidential Debate

Hillary looks presidential to me!

The debate’s not even over yet. Hillary is still looking presidential right now while Donald is stammering out another complaint about her campaign ads.

Great red suit, Hillary!

Donald, that blue tie is too bright!

Donald’s message still sounds stale to me at the end of this debate.

I declare Hillary the winner of this debate.

And now the debate is over.

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Going into the 80s tomorrow.

Brace yourselves. Fall is coming later this week. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

Posted by: yechristian | August 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton Meets a Beatle: Paul McCartney

Last week, Hillary Clinton met with Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy for 30 minutes in Cleveland, Ohio. Later, Paul tweeted out a picture of himself and Hillary saying that “She’s with me.”

The meeting occurred before Paul’s concert at the Ouicken Loans Arena.


Read the whole story in the Daily Mail: Hillary Clinton Meets Paul McCartney Behind Closed Doors

Posted by: yechristian | July 29, 2016

Hillary Secures the Democratic Nomination for President!

What can I say more about Hillary’s acceptance speech? She was excellent and well polished like a real nominee running for president. It was a million times better than Donald Trump’s shoutout last Thursday night (he simply yelled at the TV camera for 75 minutes).

Hillary’s speech had substance and meaning. She is with us. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is too much of a loose cannon and doesn’t have any substance to what he was shouting about last week.

Hillary made history. I’m with her!!!

Btw, both former President Bill Clinton’s and President Barack Obama’s speeches were great too. Chelsea’s was good as well.

Let’s face the DNC was looked more like a convention, instead of that carnival atmosphere at the RNC we all saw last week.

Posted by: yechristian | July 24, 2016

Back at WordCamp Boston 2016 Today at BU

#WCBOS I am once again at WordCamp Boston at Boston University right now. It’s a little bit before the 5 Ways to Contribute WordPress lecture. I already attended 2 lectures so far: 101 Ways to Rock as a Freelancer and How to Get 100 content ideas in an hour. Learning new stuff, but also hearing some familiar stuff as well.

Being an independent blogger is hard. Trying to make the jump into making income as a freelancer/self-employed individual is not easy. Been trying to do this before there was a thing called a blog.

Posted by: yechristian | July 23, 2016

I Am At WordCamp Boston 2016 at BU Today!

#WCBOS. Hell, yes! I’m at WordCamp right now listening to a lecture about designing and theming your WordPress site. I might make a few changes to this blog, but I haven’t decided yet where to go with changing its appearance.

I’ve been to previous WordCamps over the years. This year, I have a Mac laptop and an iPad with me as I attend this event.

Afterwards, I am heading to Revere Beach to check out the sand sculptures and fireworks.

Posted by: yechristian | July 10, 2016

#Pray For Dallas! Blue Lives Matter!

The last few days have been very depressing for this country. Five police officers killed by a sniper during a Black Lives Matter peace march. The sniper wasn’t with Black Lives Matter at all, even though he was a black man.

Killing innocent police officers is not the answer. It won’t help anyone. There are some police officers who should not be police officers in the first place. Also, I am not anti-police. I don’t like the fact that some police officers have used excessive force against a black suspect when it wasn’t appropriate.

How many times do I have to say “Stop the killing!” in my blog? This country is turning into a very dangerous place to live in.

Posted by: yechristian | July 7, 2016

Once Again, Stop The Killing!!! #Black Lives Matter!

We just celebrated the 240th birthday of the United States of America earlier this week, and then two black men have been killed mercilessly in the last couple of days. Why is this still happening? Why are the police shooting them without giving them the benefit of the doubt? They weren’t trying to kill the policemen in the first place. Philando Castile was reaching for his wallet to show his license and registration,not his gun. He wasn’t dangerous to the police. Two policemen were on top of Alton Sterling who was on the ground below them when they shot him in the back and chest. He wasn’t a danger to them.

Why are the politicians still whining about Hillary’s emails when there are real problems out there? The email case in now closed. Try to tackle things that are more serious, Politicians!

Please, check these op-eds from the New York Times Newspaper:

When Will The Killing Stop?

What White America Fails to See

Michael Brown’s Mom on Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

I’ve seen the videos, and the police brutality is obvious. Wake up, America! Stop the killing!!!

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