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Bomb Hoax Suspect is a Jerk, Not an Artist!

The 25 year old art student who was arrested Tuesday night after the ceremony that paid tribute to the Boston Marathon bombing victims claims this was his best art performance ever and got carried away with it. He was found dressed in black carrying a rice pressure cooker and yelling “Boston Strong” on Boylston Street near the finish line for next week’s Boston Marathon.

The judge has set bail at $100,000.00. The suspect is being held for psychiatric observation because he has a history of psychological problems.

Who let this jerk run around in public on Tuesday? Someone responsible for him should have kept him at home and at least talk him out of his crazy idea.

What was the point of him walking around like that scaring people?

What he did was stupid!


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Going into The 70s in Boston on Monday! It’s a Heatwave!

Wow! After all this extremely cold weather and snowstorms in the last couple of months, we’re going to have hot weather. I just hope nothing melts away out there!

Actually, 70 degree weather won’t harm anyone. It will just be a bizarre experience for us all.

Posted by: yechristian | April 5, 2014

What Set Off the Fort Hood Shootist? Possible Argument

Once again, Fort Hood in Texas was the place for another shooting incident that claimed four lives including the shootist. There are now reports saying that a possible altercation among Ivan Lopez’s fellow soldiers set him off on a shooting spree.

What makes me wonder why Ivan Lopez who was seeking treatment was still in the military? Since he was examined a month ago and was deemed not to be violent, why was he still on active duty? Should he have been discharged and be in the care of a non-military psychologist? Did he qualify for Section 8 discharge?

Being in the military can be very stressful for soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the incidents involving suicides and mass shootings in recent years. Can’t they find a better way to help soldiers with psychological problems without them being in contact with other soldiers?

The mid-week storm only struck Cape Cod with heavy snow, but the really tragic news tonight is that two fire fighters were killed during a fire on Beacon Street in Boston. It was a fire that spread from the basement to the fourth floor of the brownstone rapidly. About 150 fire fighters came to the area to help out with the blaze. Eighteen first responders ended up in the hospital.

The two men who were killed: Ed Walsh and Michael Kennedy.

The fire officials are saying “Today is a sad day in the city of Boston.”

Very sad to see this on the TV set when I got home from work. :-(

More details at

We’re getting a snowstorm up the east coast and might impact the Cape Cod and the islands with a foot of snow on Wednesday. However, this storm might shift and move onto land causing higher snow totals. The weather people won’t know for certain until tomorrow night.

Spring just started less than a week ago, and now we’re going to get smacked by more snow! Winter won’t let go of us!

Is America cursed with bad weather? Just on Saturday in Washington state, a horrible mudslide has killed 14 people according to the last news report I heard and hundreds of people are still missing. Prayers to the families and friends of the missing ones!

WTF? It’s going to be warmer for the next couple of days as Spring starts on Thursday. However, the freezing temps will be back again early next week.

What did we do to deserve this? This past winter was brutal on everyone. Time for the freezing temperatures to go away and come back for the next winter.

Am I the only one who wants warmer weather to stay around for a few months at least?

Winter ends in one week, but we got hit by snow again. The temperature is dropping like a rock tonight. It was 18 degrees all day today in Boston. WTF? We did had some pleasant days though last weekend.

This winter of 2014 is a lot worse than 2013′s winter. Last year, we had the blizzard of the week with seemingly no end in sight.

At least, it’s coming to an end on March 20.

Keep your hopes up!

Posted by: yechristian | February 26, 2014

Polar Vortex is Back!

I totally hate the fact that Polar Vortex is back. Arctic temperatures are covering a big chunk of the United States this week. It looks like its going to be here with us for about 2 weeks.

That sucks! The degrees are going to go down into the single digits at night. During the daytime, it’s going to be very cold, way below 32 degrees. Most likely in the teens or low 20s.

Bundle up, Everybody!

Posted by: yechristian | February 16, 2014

Will Winter End Soon? Don’t Bet On It!!!!!!

OMG! Up here in Massachusetts, we just experienced our unlucky 13th snowstorm of the season! The TV news people have announced that another snowstorm is coming this week.

Hope it’s a small one! There is news that the temps will go above 32 degrees later this week, but more cold temps are coming for the end of February!

I hear people complaining that this is way too much. I hope Mother Nature doesn’t postpone Spring.

Posted by: yechristian | January 21, 2014

Haven’t Been Blogging Because of Family Deaths

Sorry I have not posted for most of this month. Both my cousin Rosemary and my mother have died in recent weeks.

I know some of the regular readers of this blog do read my other blog Outside In (, but others don’t so that’s why I’m posting this info here.

I am hoping to start my blogging here and at Outside In for 2014 real soon.

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