Posted by: yechristian | November 20, 2014

Magic 106 FM in Boston to Play Christmas Music This Friday!

Magic 106 FM in Boston will start playing Christmas music on Friday, November 21 at 5 PM. Get your Jingle Bells out!

Damn that was a long wait! We now know who the new governor of Massachusetts is: Charlie Baker. Martha Coakley was defeated in a very tight race with him. It was a dead heat with both of them neck and neck until Baker got in the lead sometime after midnight. However, Coakley decided to go home with her husband hoping there would be an automatic recount if the margin was 12,000 votes or less between them.

However, the margin of votes went up to 40,000 in favor of Baker as the night went into daylight. Coakley eventually had to concede.

I was watching the thing on Channel 4 news in Boston. It was funny that one of Coakley’s people called Political News Analyst John Keller while he was on air talking about the election results.

I am certain my fellow Emersonian, Barry Scott, is smiling like a cat with canary feather’s on his lips.

Posted by: yechristian | November 3, 2014

Go Out and Vote on November 4, Election Day!

Tomorrow, everyone should go out and vote for the candidates you want in office (or vote to keep someone out of office LOL!). It’s time for the people to speak up and be heard around the country.

Here in Massachusetts, we have 5 candidates fighting for the office of the governor. Who will replace Deval Patrick when he leaves? We will know tomorrow, but you must go out and vote!!!

There are questions on the ballad for Massachusetts as well. Choose wisely and make certain you know all the facts, but it’s hard because the news media is so slanted and do their own version of what the truth is.

The political commercials throw facts at you, but are those facts really facts or lies?

Here in Massachusetts a couple of years back, we legalized marijuana, but no dispensaries have appeared yet. Where’s our pot, politicians?

So, go out there and vote, America!

Posted by: yechristian | October 30, 2014

Very Very Sad That Boston Mayor Tom Menino Has Passed Away

I found out just before noon today that former Boston Mayor Tom Menino had died from the advanced cancer he had been battling for several months. My reaction was swift: I cried heavily and uncontrollably in my grief in front of my co-workers.

For 20 years, I have met and talked with Mayor Menino many times at events throughout the city of Boston. Every encounter was always wonderful. He was a great man. I am deeply saddened over the loss.

Tom Menino is the longest serving mayor in Boston for 2 decades. He left office back on January 6 after he completed his fifth term as mayor. I truly doubt anyone will beat his record. He made Boston into a world class city.

Well done, Tom! Well done!

I will miss you! I only wish your retirement lasted 20 years!

Posted by: yechristian | October 26, 2014

DJ Dale Dorman has Died! :-(

Tonight, I heard the sad news on Channel 4 (WBZ) about DJ Dale Dorman passing away at his home last Tuesday. He had worked in Boston radio for 40 years! He was at WRKO, Kiss 108, and WODS. He also worked at Channel 56 in Boston as Uncle Dale Dorman. He retired a few years ago from radio.

He shall be missed! Rest in Peace, Dale Dorman! :-(

Posted by: yechristian | October 23, 2014

When Will This Damned Nor’Easter End?

So much rain has hit the New England already. That thunder and lightning storm on Wednesday night was pretty wild. I could see the flashes of lightning right though the closed curtains of my living room windows.

I heard on the news tonight that there will be more rain tomorrow morning before everything clears up. This is still way too much rain. At least, it’s not snow.

Saturday is going to be sunny, according to the TV weather people.

I hope so. I’m tired of getting my feet wet everytime I go outside this week.

Posted by: yechristian | October 12, 2014

Is Oldies 103 Greatly Missed in Boston?

Hell, Yes! The post I wrote about the demise of Oldies 103 still gets hits and sometimes comments. There is a great love of the early hits of rock in the city of Boston, but some executive at CBS Radio (the corporate owner of Oldies 103) did not think so and change the station to AMP 103.

I really miss that station a lot.

Posted by: yechristian | September 30, 2014

Go Blue on Monday, October 6, To Stomp Out Bullying!

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Stomp Out Bullying is having a Go Blue Day on next Monday, October 6. You can wear their Stomp Out Bullying Tee shirt or wear something blue.

I grew up being bullied constantly from a young age. It was at it’s worse when I was in high school. Back then, no one, not even me or my family, realized that I was a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. My diagnosis came when I was 37 years old, which was 20 years after I graduated from high school.

For more details about Stomp Out Bullying and getting their tee shirt, check out their website:

Posted by: yechristian | September 11, 2014

13 Years Since That Day in 2001

It was a horrific day when the Twin Towers were attacked. The terrorists wanted to destroy our way of life, but they didn’t. We fought back, and we are still fighting terrorists now.

We did kill Osama bin Laden and most of his flunkies, but a new group of terrorists called ISIL (or ISIS) are responsible for killing two captured journalists in a horrible way. President Barack Obama was on TV last night telling us, the American public, about what the government is going to do about these creeps.

I wonder why they can’t give peace a change over there in the Middle East. If John Lennon were still alive, he probably have a fit right now about all this.

It’s the eve of Primary Day in Massachusetts. There is a big governor’s race going on this year. So, who should we vote for on Primary Day? Well, I got with the one I like, regardless of what the polls say about the candidate.

Anyway, it is important to go to the polls and let them know who should go on that ballot on Election Day in November. It’s best to be involved in what happens in your community and state as well as the nation at large.

Happy Voting!

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