Posted by: yechristian | October 12, 2014

Is Oldies 103 Greatly Missed in Boston?

Hell, Yes! The post I wrote about the demise of Oldies 103 still gets hits and sometimes comments. There is a great love of the early hits of rock in the city of Boston, but some executive at CBS Radio (the corporate owner of Oldies 103) did not think so and change the station to AMP 103.

I really miss that station a lot.

Posted by: yechristian | September 30, 2014

Go Blue on Monday, October 6, To Stomp Out Bullying!

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Stomp Out Bullying is having a Go Blue Day on next Monday, October 6. You can wear their Stomp Out Bullying Tee shirt or wear something blue.

I grew up being bullied constantly from a young age. It was at it’s worse when I was in high school. Back then, no one, not even me or my family, realized that I was a person with Asperger’s Syndrome. My diagnosis came when I was 37 years old, which was 20 years after I graduated from high school.

For more details about Stomp Out Bullying and getting their tee shirt, check out their website:

Posted by: yechristian | September 11, 2014

13 Years Since That Day in 2001

It was a horrific day when the Twin Towers were attacked. The terrorists wanted to destroy our way of life, but they didn’t. We fought back, and we are still fighting terrorists now.

We did kill Osama bin Laden and most of his flunkies, but a new group of terrorists called ISIL (or ISIS) are responsible for killing two captured journalists in a horrible way. President Barack Obama was on TV last night telling us, the American public, about what the government is going to do about these creeps.

I wonder why they can’t give peace a change over there in the Middle East. If John Lennon were still alive, he probably have a fit right now about all this.

It’s the eve of Primary Day in Massachusetts. There is a big governor’s race going on this year. So, who should we vote for on Primary Day? Well, I got with the one I like, regardless of what the polls say about the candidate.

Anyway, it is important to go to the polls and let them know who should go on that ballot on Election Day in November. It’s best to be involved in what happens in your community and state as well as the nation at large.

Happy Voting!

Posted by: yechristian | August 24, 2014

Spent Saturday at WordCamp Boston 2014 at MIT

#WCBOS I spent my Saturday (8/23) at WordCamp Boston 2014 at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, MA. I enjoyed meeting up with familiar faces and new ones. The afterparty hosted by OOMPH was a lot of fun at Catalyst tonight.

Here’s a list of the sessions I went to:

The 5 Secrets of Tech Marketing by Anna Remus

Grunting Your Way To Success by Jon Heller

So Many Plugins, Not Enough Time by Reiko Beach

Local News – Building Community Through WP by Julie McCay Turner

Theme Accessibility – Building Websites Everyone Can Use by Jordan Quintal

What Boston Gave WordPress, And What WordPress Gave Boston – Panel Discussion

Project Management For People Who Dread Projects by Christina Inge

Tomorrow, I am going to the second part of the WordCamp, Contributer Day at Workbar Cambridge, near Central Square.

Posted by: yechristian | August 19, 2014

Will There Be Any Justice in Ferguson, Missouri?

Since a man named Michael Brown was gunned down allegedly by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, back on August 9, the whole town seems to be at odds with the police. There has been looting and confrontations with police. I’ve seen it on the news. It all looks bad.

Michael Brown was unarmed, but there was a video showing that he stole cigars from a store. Hardly that makes him look like a danger to anyone. I know stealing is wrong, but an autopsy has revealed that he was shot six times. A fatal bullet went through the top of his head.

Looks very brutal to me. President Barack Obama has gone on TV asking for everyone to get all the facts first about what really happened in Ferguson.

It’s been a long wait already from 10 days since Michael Brown was killed.

Posted by: yechristian | July 31, 2014

I’m Not Interested in Watching Sarah Palin on The Web

I wasn’t interested in voting for her. I don’t want to spend $9.95 to watch her talk about whatever nonsense she is thinking of. Isn’t she a college drop-out and a governor who didn’t serve her full term? Is that good television for you?

It’s not for me. I guess I’m back to watching old TV reruns on METV.

Sorry, Sarah, but I think you will be off the air soon.

Posted by: yechristian | July 28, 2014

Tornado Smashes Through Revere, Massachusetts!

What a shock! Suffolk county usually doesn’t get tornadoes. This morning was different at 9:30 am when a tornado suddenly appeared and ripped up at least 65 buildings that were either homes or businesses. Luckily, no one was seriously injured or killed. Unfortunately, 13 buildings have been declared uninhabitable.

The tornado was in the EF2 stage, which means the winds were going at 120 miles per hour. Revere is just north of Boston which is part of Suffolk county. Since 1950, the weather service has been recording tornadoes. This is the first time one hit Suffolk County.

Posted by: yechristian | July 16, 2014

Thor is now The Goddess of Thunder

Seems like Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder, is following in the footsteps of his younger brother Loki. He’s going to turn into a woman because he is no longer worthy to use the hammer Mjolnir. At least, that is what Marvel Comics is saying. A couple of years ago, Loki turned himself into a woman. Wonder how their father, Odin, is going to react.

Didn’t they do this 25 years ago with Storm, one of the female members of the X-Men? I recall that he got her hands on Thor’s hammer and became the Goddess of Thunder for awhile.

I wonder what Marvel will do next. Make Wolverine into a high school guidance counselor? Spider-Man deciding to see a shrink? Namor the Sub-Mariner going to anger management sessions?

Posted by: yechristian | July 2, 2014

Boston To Celebrate Independence Day on July 3!

Tropical Storm Arthur is changing a lot of people’s plans this weekend. In Boston, the annual 4th of July celebration is going to held on July 3 tomorrow night, instead of Friday night. This is to avoid to the tropical storm that is going up the East Coast on Friday.

I guess it’s better safe than sorry now. There might be hurricane winds by Friday night.

Btw, the Beach Boys are among the special guests this year.

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